BoK Task Force


  • Hillary Hart
  • Craig Baehr

Staff Liaison

  • Liz Pohland

Board Liaison

  • Deanne Levander


  • To develop and implement a single knowledge source that concentrates and delivers all that is technical communication – in short, a Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBoK).


  • Goals
    • To provide STC members and all technical communicators with a wealth of resources and opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.
    • To create a vehicle for collaborative sense-making and social networking that will foster a stronger sense of community purpose and spark wider participation.
    • To make available and capitalize on the wealth of intellectual property within STC publications.
  • Milestone
    • To deliver Version 2.0 of the TCBOK by fall 2014.


  • Joel Kline

Editorial assistants:

  • Kim Kahat
  • Glendon Hodges
  • Diane Borgwardt
  • Preeti Mathur

Criteria for Success

  • Officially open and operational on the STC website.