Liz Pohland

Director of Communications; Intercom Editor

I believe editors imprint their own vision and sensibility on a magazine in an attempt to woo an audience and develop a unique identity for their publication. Coming up with the right mix of articles is a constant challenge; editors are always trying to reinvent the formula as well as struggling to keep up with publishing and industry trends, produce catchy covers or headlines, and entice advertisers.

These issues are especially challenging with a magazine about technical communication, which is a relatively new field, on the one hand, and a field in fast expansion, on the other. There are also numerous challenges within the publishing world, such as managerial decisions about appropriate media, copyright and access, collaborative authoring, social media, and (often most important) cost considerations.

My vision for Intercomand all STC publications is that they are cutting-edge and address a wide readership, providing both a venue for essential research and practical examples/applications of technical communication in a space fostering open knowledge sharing and conversation. With one foot in industry and one in the academy, I hope to lead STC in providing clear communication within its publications and also in balancing the relationship between research and practice.

Liz Pohland, an STC member and doctoral student in Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University, is the editor of Intercom, with over 20 years of experience in publishing as a content and production manager, writer, editor, and designer. Before joining STC, Liz served the Folger Shakespeare Library as an editor and designer for the scholarly journal Shakespeare Quarterly, as consultant to the Folger Magazine, and as contributor to the Folger website and branding, among multiple other publications and multimedia projects. She introduced usability and readability standards to the Folger’s publications and researched new technologies in editorial management software. Liz has also worked with Princeton University Press and Peterson’s on varied publishing endeavors. Her freelance editing includes diverse scientific and technical topics.

Liz is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University, having been awarded a $25,000 Presidential Doctoral Fellowship in 2009–2010. She earned a BA in English and French from Hollins University and an MA in English from Virginia Tech, where she interned with distinguished Professor and Poet Nikki Giovanni and won a commendation for her thesis. Residing in Arlington, VA, Liz considers the coast of Georgia “home” and has many hobbies and research interests, including skiing, snorkeling, computer gaming, comic books, new media, museums, and technical communication for children.