Associate Fellows

Beth Agnew

For a lifetime of continued dedication to technical communication as an ongoing learner, professor, and advocate, and for passionate promotion of both the profession and the practice.

Robert Rhyne Armstrong

For your pioneering work in the education of social media and social networking and the giving of your time and expertise to all levels of the technical communication communities and for your exemplary work in the student community.

Maria Antonieta Flores

For courage and persistence in your commitment to learning and exploring new technologies, and for your generously sharing your leadership, knowledge, and skills with the Berkeley Chapter, your STC colleagues, your coworkers, and your community.

Susan M. Haire

For generously sharing your expertise and inspiring technical communication learners and practitioners, for building bridges to their clients, and for your enduring commitment and contribution to the Manitoba Chapter and Society.

Mark Lewis

For your passionate contributions to the evolution of DITA and content management technologies, and for your generosity in sharing this with others without reservation within the Society and the profession.

Mike Murray

For clarity of vision, strength of purpose, power of communication, and creativity in leadership that has gracefully guided and deeply enriched the profession, the Society, the Central Florida community, and all who call him friend.

Cynthia Pao

For your dedicated service to STC at all levels and for advancing the technical communication profession by bringing the academic and industry communities together to motivate and engage their members.

Paula Robertson

For your continuous and passionate contributions of clear, concise, and accurate textual and visual information that satisfies the end user at the point of need.

Tricia Spayer

For your continuous promotion of the profession of technical communication, outstanding leadership and mentoring in the field, and engaging and effective presentations to audiences across disciplines.

Andrea Wenger

For your passionate commitment to clear and effective communication, promoting harmonious workplace relationships, and helping others on their path to professional development, and for dedicated service to STC and its communities.