Frank R. Smith Award Previous Winners

Outstanding Article of 2013

Recipient: Lisa Meloncon and Sally Henschel
Title: Current State of U.S. Undergraduate Degree Programs in Technical and Professional Communication
Issue: February 2013

Distinguished Article of 2013

Recipient: Hans van der Meij and Jan van der Meij
Title: Eight Guidelines for the Design of Instructional Videos for Software Training
Issue: August 2013

Outstanding Article of 2012

Recipient: Hanna Jochmann-Mannak, Leo Lentz, Theo Huibers, and Ted Sanders
Title: Three Types of Children’s Informational Web Sites: An Inventory of Design Conventions
Issue: November 2012

Distinguished Article of 2012

Recipient: Saul Carliner
Title: Using Business Models to Describe Technical Communication Groups
Issue: May 2012

Distinguished Article of 2012

Recipient: Jason Swarts
Title: New Modes of Help: Best Practices for Instructional Video
Issue: August 2012

Outstanding Article of 2011

Recipient: Henk Pander Maat and Leo Lentz
Title: Using Sorting Data to Evaluate Text Structure: An Evidence-based Proposal for Restructuring Patient Information Leaflets
Issue: August 2011

Distinguished Article of 2011

Recipient: Luc Desnoyers
Title: Toward a Taxonomy of Visuals in Science Communication
Issue: May 2011

Outstanding Article of 2010

Recipient: Tatiana Batova
Title: Writing for the Participants of International Clinical Trials: Law, Ethics, and Culture
Issue: August 2010

Distinguished Article of 2010

Recipient: Nicole St. Germain-McDaniel
Title: Technical Communication in the Health Fields: Executive Order 13166 and its Impact on Translation and Localization
Issue: August 2010

Distinguished Article of 2010

Recipients: Lisa Meloncon, Erin Haynes, Megan Varelmann, and Lisa Groh
Title: Building a Playground: General Guidelines for Creating Educational Web Sites for Children
Issue: November 2010

Outstanding Article of 2009

Recipient: Han Yu
Title: Putting China’s Technical Communication into Historical Context: A Look at the Chinese Culinary Instruction Genre
Issue: May 2009

Distinguished Article of 2009

Recipient: Nicole St. Germain-Madison
Title: Localizing Medical Information for U.S. Spanish-Speakers: The CDC Campaign to Increase Public Awareness About HPV
Issue: August 2009

Outstanding Article of 2008

Recipient: Roger Munger
Title: Green Printing: A Guide to Environmentally Responsible Printing
Issue: February 2008

Distinguished Articles of 2008

Recipient: Tiffany Craft Portewig
Title: The Role of Rhetorical Invention for Visuals: A Qualitative Study of Technical ommunicators in the Workplace
Issue: November 2008

Recipients: Marieke Welle Donker-Kuijer, Menno De Jong, and Leo Lentz
Title: Heuristic WebSite Evaluation: Exploring the Effects of Guidelines on Experts' Detection of Usability Problems
Issue: November 2008

Recipient: Lynne Cooke
Title: How Do Users Search Web Home Pages? An Eye-Tracking Study of Multiple Navigation Menus
Issue: May 2008