Thank you for your interest in pursuing Professional Certification through the Society for Technical Communication. The STC Certification Commission has temporarily suspended new applicants while it improves its processes and overall program structure to better serve technical communicators.
It is anticipated that the program will be re-opened to applicants in 2015. The re-engineered program will be a three-tiered professional certification: Foundation, Practitioner, and Expert.

  • The Foundation-level Professional Certification will focus on knowledge of the field. To achieve Certified Professional Technical Communicator – Foundational designation, applicants will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of best practices in technical communication by passing a test.
  • The Practitioner-level Professional Certification will demonstrate mastery of applying best practices and leading others in their use. The achievement of Certified Professional Technical Communicator – Practitioner designation will be a test and an evaluation of work product.
  • The Expert-level Professional Certification requirements will be similar to the previous CPTC program, requiring a set of work products and interviews. Those who have already achieved Certified Professional Technical Communicator under the old program will be automatically grandfathered into the Certified Professional Technical Communicator – Expert Certification level.

Foundational Certification will be available first, with the higher-level certifications opening soon after.

When the program re-opens, more information on the test process, body of knowledge, and continuing education requirements will be available on these pages. STC appreciates your understanding and continued support as we work to improve this important program.

Certification contacts

Chris Lyons, CEO, chris.lyons@stc.org

Liz Pohland, Director of Communications, liz.pohland@stc.org