STC Supports the Plain Regulations Act of 2012

The STC Board of Directors recently sent a letter to Representative Bruce L. Braley of the United States Congress, author of the proposed Plain Regulations Act of 2012 (HR 3786), thanking him for the introduction of the Act and expressing the support of the Society for Technical Communication.

Per the Act itself, “The purpose of this Act is to improve the effectiveness and accountability of Federal agencies to the public by promoting clear regulations that are easier for the Government to implement and for the public to comply with.” The National Small Business Association has described how this bill would promote economic growth, try competitiveness, and job creation.

In the letter, STC President Hillary Hart wrote:

STC members make complex information understandable for users. Regulations are complex, and STC understands how important it is that those who are affected by regulations clearly understand what regulations require them to do.

Regulations that people do not understand are onerous and are less likely to be followed. When people do not understand and do not follow regulations correctly, we all suffer unintended negative effects. Unclear regulations cause unnecessary expenses for both the government and its citizens.

See a PDF of the full letter here.

STC encourages our members and community leaders to write Rep. Braley to express your support, and to write your representative to encourage him or her to vote for the Act when it’s presented for a vote. You can find your representative’s contact information online at Below are links to Word documents of sample letters you can update with your information and send to Rep. Braley and your representative.

Members, write Rep. Braley

Community leaders, write Rep. Braley

Members, write your representative