Southern Polytechnic State University

Your strengths and interests lie in writing, design, media arts. In communicating information and ideas. And you want to leverage those strengths into a practical skill set that will lead to or expand a fulfilling, enduring career. The English, Technical Communication & Media Arts department at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) is the right place for you! We offer three undergraduate degree programs: BA in New Media Arts, BA in English & Professional Communication, and BS in Technical Communication. We also offer numerous online graduate programs: MSc in Information Design & Communication; MSc in Information & Instructional Design; Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication; and Advanced Graduate Certificates in Visual Communication, Content Strategy, Instructional Design, Communications Management, and User Experience. Learn to create meaning, inspire change, and deliver value. Explore the possibilities at SPSU today!

State University of New York Institute of Technology

The aim of the program is to engage students in critical assessments of various media and their applicability for a given purpose. Students will be prepared for advancement in professional careers that include secondary school and community college teaching, technical communication, public relations, marketing, instructional design and technology, government service, publications,  corporate communication, and training for profit and non-profit organizations, healthcare management and other industries.