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University of Colorado Denver

Technical Communication is one of nine core pathways available to undergraduate Communication majors. Technical Communication is the career field concerned with creating documents (online as well as on paper and packaging) that integrate words and visual images in ways that help people achieve their practical goals at home, school, work, and in their social communities.

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University of Hartford

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University of Limerick

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University of Maryland

Western Carolina University

Like all English majors, students concentrating in professional writing are sharp critical and creative thinkers. As a professional writing student, you’ll hone your writing skills and learn to adapt to the changing demands of the marketplace, preparing for a career in a variety of fields, including marketing; public relations; print, broadcast and electronic media; technical writing; editing and publishing; creative writing and consulting; and work with non-profit and government agencies.

Western Washington University

The English Department offers its students the opportunity to study and work with texts that have shaped, and been shaped by, the English language. We offer a diverse spectrum of classes ranging from antiquity to the twenty-first century and covering a wide variety of topics in literature, media, composition, and language studies. Our courses encompass and explore multiple cultural traditions, allowing our graduates to cultivate skills in critical thinking, creative expression, close reading, persuasive writing, and effective speaking.

Widener University

Written communication is a fundamental requirement for any professional position in today’s age of information. Knowing the content in your field is no longer enough—you must also be able to communicate that content to your colleagues, your clients, the government, and so many others.

Youngstown State University

The Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) major at YSU is devoted to helping students develop their ability to produce useful documents for a variety of purposes.