Austin Peay State University

he English major, leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree, consists of thirty-three semester hours of upper-division course work: nine hours of English literature, six hours of American literature, three hours of linguistics, three hours of advanced writing, and twelve hours of 3000-4000 literature courses approved by the department. There is no required sequence for these courses; however, students should be aware of the typical sequence of scheduling since not every course is offered every semester. English Majors must also complete one year of foreign language (1010 and 1020 or 2010 and 2020), ENGL 1100, and a minor. If Writing is selected as the minor, it must consist of courses that are not used for the major.

Professional Writing MInor

This minor prepares students from various majors to enter the worlds of industry, business, and science with a strong foundation in writing. Courses taken for this minor may not be applied towards the English major.


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