Boise State University

The BA in English, Technical Communication Emphasis consists of six required courses in technical communication, as well as other required courses in economics, computer science, management, communications, and linguistics. Students also serve as interns at one of the many high-tech companies in the Treasure Valley.

The MA in Technical Communication is a 33-credit program focusing on writing, editing, ethics, print- and on-screen production, oral communication, publication management, and writing for the computer industry. Students complete the program by completing a portfolio, a project, or a thesis. Although the program is not available online, several courses in the program are. Most of our students study part-time while working as technical communicators at one of the many high-tech companies in the Boise area.

The Certificate in Technical Communication is intended to enhance the education of students who are seeking a baccalaureate degree or who already have one. The Certificate consists of three required courses in tehnical communication, as well as two related, approved electives.

The Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication consists of 15 graduate credits: required courses in technical rhetoric and applications, technical editing, and tech-comm ethics, as well as electives in other aspects of technical communication and instructional design.


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