Illinois Institute of Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Professional Technical Communication (BS-PTC) encourages program in encourages a blend of theory and workplace-oriented practice, and encourages students to develop an entrepreneurial approach to their academic efforts in which they actively participate in the development of an individual plan of study. A required ethics component examines dilemmas in communication, business, engineering, or computer science. Finally, through elective coursework in science, technology, and society, students also examine the power of language and image to shape thoughts, values, and actions in a variety of contexts. BS-PTC majors can specialize in Internet Communication, which adds Web design and management courses. It also adds a minor in computer networking that includes experience in programming, data structures, and communication.

Illinois Institute of Technology also offers:

  • Master of Science degrees in Technical Communication and Informational Design,
  • Masters of Science in Information Architecture
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication
  • Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design


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