Rochester Institute of Technology

Professional & Technical Communication (PTC), initiated in 1986, typically enrolls 80 majors. The degree unites advanced education in the theory and practice of spoken, written and visual communication with extensive instruction in one of RIT's professional or technical educational programs. Thus, PTC students benefit from a liberal arts education combined with professional and technical skills that make them sought after by employers in the communication field as well as other professional fields.

PTC alumni - some 500 of them - hold a variety of professional positions in both the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectors. They are marketing and public relations experts, webmasters, magazine managers, technical writers, corporate training educators, software specialists and systems managers, media buyers, practicing attorneys, and college professors. A substantial number of PTC alumni have earned graduate degrees - in communication as well as other academic disciplines.


  • Dept. of Communication
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Rochester
  • NY
  • USA
  • 14623