Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Professional Writing is an interdisciplinary major or double major for students interested in developing their skills in writing, visual communication, and digital media in combination with a strong background in a technical or scientific field of study.

The Professional Writing program offers courses and projects in four areas of concentration:

  • Science writing, medical writing, health communication
  • Writing in the public interest, writing for nonprofits
  • Digital media, visual communication, information design
  • Bilingual professional communication, translation

In consultation with a faculty advisor, Professional Writing majors design a plan of study that combines courses in writing, rhetoric, visual design, and digital media with courses in a technical or scientific concentration. Learn more about the distribution requirements of the major.

The culmination of the Professional Writing major is the Major Qualifying Project, a senior project all WPI undergraduates complete in their major field of study. Learn more about the Major Qualifying Project in Professional Writing.


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