STC offers multiple online courses where participants can earn a certificate of attendance. The courses are generally divided into 90-minute sessions and presented live online over several weeks. Participants must log in for all sessions to earn the certificate.

STC online courses let you explore a subject in-depth over the course of several weeks. In addition to the practical work skills that you will develop, participating in a certificate program provides you with a unique live opportunity to learn directly from an instructor and to also exchange ideas and tools virtually with the other participants in the program.

Teaching the courses will be some of STC's finest and best-known instructors.

Usability Testing Essentials: Hands-on Workshop and Best Practices

Carol Barnum

Next course TBD.

Whatever job you hold, user experience is—or should be—a part of it. That’s why usability testing is such a good fit for technical communicators. We are the voice of the user, so why not also be able to share what we learn from users by observing how they work with our products? We educate ourselves and other product stakeholders about who our users are and how they interact with our products, which helps make our products better as user experience improves.

Whether you are self-taught, unschooled in the topic, or looking to upgrade your skills, this online course will take you step by step through the process of planning and conducting a test, analyzing the results, and reporting them—with the goal of building your skills as a user experience researcher and user advocate.

  • Session 1—Establish the essentials
  • Session 2—Kick off the sponsored project—meet the sponsor
  • Session 3—Determine users, tasks, and goals; draft test plan
  • Session 4—No class meeting; complete test plan; conduct walkthrough
  • Session 5—Conduct pilot test (teams schedule this session with instructor; flexible schedule)
  • Session 6—No class meeting; Teams conduct testing
  • Session 7—Analyze findings; class meeting to discuss preliminary findings
  • Session 8—Present results