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STC offers a collection of archived seminars free to members as part of your annual membership package! This member benefit debuted in 2011 with 38 free archived seminars, with more to be added each year. There are currently over 140 on-demand archived seminars available.

STC members said they wanted more educational offerings, and these archived seminars provide that! The seminars are on a wide variety of topics from some of the top presenters in technical communication. Review the full listing available below.

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List of Free Archived Seminars

10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design, presented by Whitney Hess
10 Tips for a Better Survey, presented by Caroline Jarrett
11 Real World Insights for Template Based Writing, presented by Saul Carliner
A Pleasure Doing Business, presented by Stephen Anderson
Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content, presented by Karen McGrane
Advancing Web Accessibility, presented by Shawn Henry
Analytics for Web-Based User Docs, presented by Patricia Boswell
Architecting User Assistance for Reuse, presented by Michael Hughes
Beyond the Bleeding Edge 1, presented by Neil Perlin, Rahel Bailie, Brian Everett, and Katie Carver
Beyond the Bleeding Edge 2, presented by Janet Swisher, Rob Frankland, Neil Perlin, and Kyle Dozuki
Beyond the Bleeding Edge, presented by Neil Perlin
Body Work: Rebuilding Documentation Car Wrecks, presented by Karen Murri
Brave New World: Tapping Enterprise Communities, presented by Samartha Vashishtha and Marta Rauch
Bringing Experience to the Table, presented by Chris Hester
Building a Developer Documentation Wiki, presented by Sarah Maddox
Building an Empire from the Grassroots Up, presented by Lisa Dyer, Janet Swisher
Building Visual Explanations: Practical Advice for Writers, presented by Don Moyer
Calculating ROI for DITA, presented by Sarah O'Keefe
Change Management 101, presented by Ant Davey
Change, Trust, Collaboration: Adapting to Single Source Technologies, presented by Paula Toth
Chinese Website Usability Study, presented by Carol Barnum, Yina Li
Climbing the Levels of Collaboration, presented by Anne Gentle
Collaborating Around the World, presented by Kirsty Taylor
Content Management as a Practice, presented by Pamela Kostur
Content Management Technology Diffusion and Adoption Challenges, presented by Rebekka Andersen
Content Strategies: the Content Lifecycle, presented by Rahel Bailie
Content Strategy for Reaching Customers Anywhere, presented by Charles Cooper and Ann Rockley
Content Tactics: Putting Your Strategy into Action, presented by Pamela Kostur
Correlation Between Educators' Communication and Learning Styles, presented by Lucille Mazo
Creating EPUBS: What's the Best Tool for Me?, presented by Scott Prentice
Creating Visual Help and Training Using Adobe Captivate, presented by Neil Perlin
CSS3, Media Queries, and Responsive Design, presented by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater
Delivering Accessible Content With WCAG 2.0, presented by Mike Paciello
Designing for People Who Do Not Read Easily, presented by Caroline Jarrett, Whitney Quesenbery
Destroy the Box: Frank Lloyd Wright's UX Lessons, presented by Joe Sokohl
Developing a Structured Content Strategy, presented by Ann Rockley
DITA + Wiki = The Open-Source DITA2Wiki Project, presented by Lisa Dyer
DITA Specialization: Why Would I do That?, presented by Robert Anderson
Documentation & EU Regulations: Stay (or Get) Legal, presented by Chris Durban
Documentation Delivery System Alternatives, presented by Tharon Howard, Alicia Hatter
Documentation in a Collaborative World: What We've Learned, presented by Larry Kunz
Editing: Reviewing Levels and Choosing Types, presented by Michelle Corbin and Linda Oestreich
ePub: Why, What, and How?, presented by Scott Prentice
Essential UX Skills for Technical Communicators, presented by Will Sansbury, Rachel Peters, Yina Li
Evangelizing Yourself, presented by Whitney Hess
Examining Error in the Technical Communication Editing Test, presented by Ryan Boettger
Expanded Roles and Added Value for Technical Communicators, presented by Linda Oestreich
Exploring the Information Ecosystem, presented by Rob Hanna
Five+ Ways to Add Interactivity to Online Help, presented by Nicky Bleiel
Flower Power: Daisy Wiki-based Content and Translation Management, presented by Steven Lungren, Richard Lowe, Peter Dykstra
From Cancer to Bankruptcy, presented by Brad Nunnally
From Design to Definition, presented by Joe Sokohl
From Sketching to Code: Jump-Starting the Interaction Design Process, presented by Christopher Fahey
From TechComm to UX: Are You a Designer, presented by Kristi Leach
Fundamentals of Strategic Planning, presented by Alexandra Piacenza
Generating Consistent Documentation Estimates, presented by Sebastien Quintas
Getting Started in Eye Tracking: A Primer, presented by Tharon Howard, Daniel Liddle, Shawn Stowe, Kimberly Sulak, and Abigail Johnson
Getting Started with HTML5, presented by Peter Lubbers
Getting Your Documentation Project Off the Ground Running, presented by Nicky Bleiel
Global-Ready Content NOW!, presented by Val Swisher
Google Analytics: Measuring Content Use and Engagement, presented by Patricia Boswell
Growing a Technical Communication Business, presented by Mark Clifford
Have a Tech Comm Question? Ask the Experts!, presented by Nicky Bleiel
He Said, She Said: Mergers, Acquisitions, and You, presented by Jean-Luc Mazet
How Communication Works, presented by Ant Davey
How is Technical Training Different?, presented by Bettina Davis
How People Judge Static and Animated Software Instructions, presented by Jose de Souza
How to Run a Successful DITA Pilot Project, presented by Mark Wallis
How to Write Contracts/Letters of Agreement, presented by Jack Molisani
HTML5: The Next Internet Gold Rush, presented by Peter Lubbers
Improving Product Design Through Usability Evaluation, presented by Scott Butler
Information Architecture and Interaction Design in Museum Environments, presented by Julian Jackson
Innovations in Accessibility: Designing for Digital Outcasts, presented by Kel Smith
Introduction to Global English, presented by John Kohl
Introduction to XSL Transforms, presented by Dave Gash
It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Sued, presented by Paul Pehrson
Knowledge Transfer: A New Opportunity for Technical Communicators, presented by James Conklin
Label Placement and Other Time-Consuming Forms Controversies, presented by Caroline Jarrett
Launching Your Tech Communication Business: Both Sides Now, presented by Ruth Thaler-Carter and Judith Shenouda
Learn What the Academics Already Know, presented by Phylise Banner
Learning Lessons from a Completed Communications Project, presented by Teresa Stover
Make It Snappy: Web-Based Reference Guides, presented by Donte Ormsby
Make Your Content Matter, presented by Colleen Jones
Managing Book Development Using a Wiki, presented by Richard Hamilton
Measuring Productivity, presented by Pam Swanwick
Mental Model Diagrams: Supportive Content for Specific Folks, presented by Indi Young
Migrating Content: How to Tackle the XML-L10N Beast, presented by Jean-Luc Mazet
Mobile Content: Single Sourcing to the Max, presented by Neil Perlin
Moving Unstructured Content to Structured Content, presented by Bernard Aschwanden
No Drama: Selecting the Right CMS for You, presented by Leigh White and Mollye Barrett
Open Source Automated Documentation in a Development Environment, presented by Neale Morison
Our Future Role: Knowledge Integration, presented by Tristan Bishop
Panel Discussion: Why Technical Editors Are Still Relevant, presented by Pat Moell, Michelle Corbin, Carol Lamarche, Mary Jo David, and Jenifer Servais
Plain Language for the Technical Writer, presented by Bruce Poropat
Process Re-engineering for Topic-Based Authoring, presented by Rob Hanna
Quality, Price, Schedule: Choosing the Right Localization Service, presented by Jean-Luc Mazet
Radically Open Documentation, presented by Eric Shepherd
Read the Research. Don't Just Make it Up!, presented by Susan Becker
Refining the Content Lifecycle, presented by Rahel Anne Bailie
Revealing Design Treasures from the Amazon, presented by Jared Spool
Scenario-Driven Information Architecture, presented by Alyson Riley
Selling Usability in(to) Organizations, presented by Daniel Szuc
Seven Habits of Highly Successful Technical Communicators, presented by Bernard Aschwanden, Rob Frankland, Rob Hanna, Lisa Swallow
Single Sourcing Sans a CMS, presented by Patrick Quinlan, Ben Colborn
Sketching User Experiences with the Design Studio Method, presented by Brian Sullivan
Socio-Technical Design: The Future of Online Community, presented by Phylise Banner
Starting and Building a Freelance Business, presented by Katherine Nagel, Ruth Thaler-Carter
Strategic, Competitive Professional Development: An Overview, presented by Andrea Ames
Strategies for Efficiently Creating Screen Captures, presented by Adam Jones
Strategies for Successful eLearning Project Management, presented by Mark Steiner
Strategies for the Social Web for Documentation, presented by Anne Gentle
Structure 2.0, presented by Tristan Bishop
Structured Authoring: A First Step to Content Management, presented by Mary Craig
Surfing the Perfect Storm, presented by Tristan Bishop
Taking Tech Comm into K-12 Schools, presented by Marjorie Davis
TechComm 2020: Get Vision, Be Ready, presented by Tristan Bishop
Ten Tips for Tastier Tasks, presented by Leah Guren
Testing Content Strategy: What Works, What Doesn't, presented by Colleen Jones, Kevin O'Connor
That's a Good Question!, presented by Elizabeth Frick
The Art of Questioning, presented by Rich Maggiani
The DUH Factor: Diverse, Understandable, Human (Web Content for Everyone), presented by Char James-Tanny
The Future of Technical Communication: Remix, presented by Barbara Giammona
The Green Communicator: Eco-Friendly Practices for the Small Business Office, presented by Roger Munger
The New Face of Documentation, presented by Rahel Bailie
The Path to Implementing Content Strategy, presented by Julian Murfitt
There's No Semantic Web without Content and Data, presented by Rachel Lovinger
Training Writers Building a Local Workforce, presented by Patti Blake, Connie Twynham
Transitioning Web-Based Information to WCAG 2.0, presented by Linda Roberts
Understanding and Evaluating Component Content Management Systems, presented by Mary Laplante
Understanding Users through Ethnography and Modeling, presented by Jim Jarrett
Users Play Cards. We Keep Score. Magic Results!, presented by Carol Barnum
Using Stories for More Effective Usability, presented by Whitney Quesenbery
Using Wikis to Enhance Training Development and Delivery, presented by Janice Critchlow, Judy Hall
What Tech Docs Can Learn From The Comics, presented by Alan Porter
Why Not DocBook?, presented by Richard Hamilton
WinHelp, WebHelp, AIR ... Help!, presented by Neil Perlin
Writing and Testing for Universal Usability, presented by Janice (Ginny) Redish, Randolph Bias, Sheng-Cheng Huang