Does Your Audience Hate You?

Rhyne Armstrong, originally presented 25 July 2013

Speaking in front of a group of people is very hard to do. Don’t make it worse by making your audience feel like you are boring them, confusing them, or wasting their time. In this webinar, we will discuss presentation skills, software demonstrations, and tips to make sure the people you are talking to actually want to listen!


Defining and Evaluating Success: Metrics for Information Architects

Alyson Riley and Andrea Ames, originally presented 27 June 2013

You write, you edit, you design, you architect ... how do you know whether what you're doing is useful, impactful, and meeting client and business needs? In this webinar, Andrea and Alyson will describe how to define and evaluate success for your initiatives, first with an overview of metrics and how technical communicators can approach measurement to ensure your impact is understood by those who pay you, and then by focusing on how you can build your own evaluation framework to manage your metrics and bring more meaning to results and reporting.


Doc Sprints: The Ultimate in Collaborative Doc Development

Sarah Maddox, originally presented 20 June 2013

Many technical writers find themselves in agile environments, where time is at a premium and it can be difficult to pry the developers and other subject matter experts away from their day-to-day deadlines. This session shows how you can walk the agile walk, talk the agile talk, and at the same time have fun developing the tutorials and documents your customers need.


Developing a Freelancer's Portfolio

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, originally presented 4 June 2013

Today’s electronic age means that we aren't limited to freelancing only for local clients, so today’s portfolio has to be more flexible and go beyond faxing or mailing a couple of published projects to being visible online. This session will look at ways to develop your portfolio to create opportunities to present your work to prospective clients both local and far afield.


Does Your Career Need A Usability Evaluation?

Janel Anderson, originally presented 13 November 2012

Does your career path conform to the best practices of usability and design? Is your career flowing by design or by accident? For most of us, the answer is some of each. In this webinar, Janel Anderson weaves together usability best practices and principles of design with career planning and strategy. You will apply several design heuristics to your work experience, networking efforts, and overall career. You will come away with new insights on your career to date and concrete action steps for creating a forward-thinking career design for the next decade and beyond.


Developing for the Unknown

Neil Perlin, originally presented 24 July 2012

Today, we create content for output as online help and PDF. But what about tomorrow? Because we don’t know, it’s increasingly important to create content that’s technically clean, consistent, and maintainable or future-proofed. That requires the correct design philosophy and the correct use of control mechanisms—the subject of this webinar.


Designing Visual Texts for Print and Digital Publications

Kenneth Price, originally presented 6 March 2012

Effectively laying out technical information goes far beyond using bulleted lists and choosing an attractive font. In designing a page, you should create visuals patterns that help your readers to find, understand, and remember information. This webinar will introduce the principles of visual language, information architecture, and page design. These principles, based entirely upon research on how people learn, will help you to design effective electronic and print publications to make technical information more accessible.