Gamification and the New Rules for User Assistance

Marta Rauch, originally presented 24 October 2012

Enterprise gamification is accelerating, and it is changing the rules for technical communication. Discover how companies apply gamification to products and processes, and understand essential skills for technical communicators. Learn strategies, tips, and best practices for gamified user experience, and look at return on investment (ROI) for documentation.


Goodbye, Arial and Verdana. Hello, Web Fonts!

Michael Opsteegh, originally presented 19 July 2012

Web fonts is an emerging technology that enables you, as a designer, to break away from the trappings of such “safe” fonts as Arial and Verdana. Learn how to use alternative typefaces that make your content stand out and promote your brand while your text remains search-engine friendly and screen-reader ready.


Going Green as a Technical Communicator

Cheryl Landes, originally presented 7 March 2012

The green movement is growing rapidly, and it’s creating a high demand for great technical communicators. In this session, Cheryl Landes, who is working with clients in the green industry, will describe the opportunities in this field and provide tips on how to break in.


Getting Ahead as a Lone Writer

Kai Weber, originally presented 29 February 2012

Writers are often the only person in a company who create and maintain documentation. Lone writers who operate without a dedicated budget or specific managerial guidance find it hard to excel in their work. In this presentation, Kai Weber will draw on his years of experience to show lone writers how to make the most of this "benign neglect."


Getting to the Top of Google

Donte Ormbsy, originally presented 8 February 2012

Have you ever wondered why some websites get to the top of Google's search results while others fall short? Would you like to learn how simple it can be to get a website ranked in the Top 10 of Yahoo and Bing? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert Donté Ormsby is sharing his secrets of success. Learn SEO tactics that you can use today to put your website or blog at the top of the search engine charts.


Getting Yourself Into Print

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, originally presented 18 January 2012

The world of self- and electronic publishing is expanding constantly, offering technical communicators an exciting opportunity to put their own words and experiences—or the publishing projects of their employers and clients—into print. Whether you have a novel, poem, or manual in your soul, today you can get it into print and in the hands of readers. Tech writers and editors who want to move into publishing their own or their employers’ work will find out why and how to publish their own technical or non-technical work, identify markets for their own writing work, and figure out the technology behind electronic and self-publishing.