Lean & Mean Translation Machine

Terena Bell, In Every Language, originally presented 10 December 2014

Apply Lean and Six Sigma to translation? Sure! Using real client case studies, Terena Bell of In Every Language shows how manufacturers and others can apply Lean and Six Sigma to web and document content, turning translation from a cost center into a profit driver.


Label Editing: Great Things in Small Packages

Leah Guren, Cow TC, originally presented 25 November 2014

What do you, as a TC, need to know about the text that appears on your products? Learn how you can you use your skills to help improve the product UX.


Lessons Learned During CMS Rollout

Rhyne Armstrong, originally presented 5 September 2013

After selecting a Content Management System for your organization, the next steps can be daunting. How long will it take to roll out? Will you have to find development resources to make the system do what you need? Do you find resources in-house or do you hire them? What do you do to make sure your system meets expectations? During this session, we will attempt to answer these questions and discuss best practices for production, status reporting, and demonstration.