Once Upon a Statistic: How to Tell a Compelling Story When All You Have are Facts

Joe Staples, originally presented 29 May 2013

Storytelling is the buzzword du jour in marketing communications (marcomm). It’s one thing to tell a great story if you have a huge budget, a creative team, and many media in which to work. But what does it mean to tell a story when you’re just writing a marketing slick or a data sheet and all you have are facts, such as “speeds and feeds”? This webinar will examine the tell-a-story directive and explore ways to apply elements of story to our work as marcomm writers.


Our Processes Are a Mess

Larry Kunz, originally presented 20 March 2013

When projects fail, managers often blame inadequate tools and training. But poor processes often are the root cause—and fixing those processes is the key to success. But that's easier said than done. When the system isn't working, how do you find the broken parts? Even when you've found them, what's the best way to change them?


Own Your Competencies—Communicate Your Value

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 10 October 2012

When you own your competencies and communicate their value, others—including employers and clients—take notice. The result? You will clarify what you can offer and learn ways to communicate your value proposition. Join Judith Shenouda in this hour-long webinar, where you will learn ways to identify and own your competencies and communicate them to others.