UX 101: Making Great Human Experiences

Carol Smith, Design Team Manager, IBM, originally presented 9 December 2015

Want to improve the usability of your system but you’re not sure how to start? This webinar provides the knowledge and tips you need to get started improving the user’s experience (UX) through interviews, card sorting, and usability testing.


Unlocking the Potential of Millennial Employees

Porschia Parker, Founder, Millennial Performance Institute, originally presented 8 April 2015

Many companies find it difficult to receive great performance from their employees in the Millennial Generation, and as a result these young professionals are often labeled as lazy, self-centered, and disloyal. Up until now, it has been easy to ignore millennial employees and focus on finding older staff members from the Gen-X and Baby Boomer Generations. This year Millennials will become the predominant group in the workforce, so the current options are to prepare for millennial employees or be left behind. The biggest challenges progressive companies face with their Millennials will be explored.


Using Video/Animation: From Storyboard to Finished Project

Cynthia Chin-Lee and Lisa Kuder, originally presented 13 March 2014

Planning a video or animation project to complement your technical publications or as a standalone project? Where do you start? Assuming you have selected your video or animation environment (hardware, software, writers, videographers, and production site), you will learn the steps involved in developing and then creating the video/animation projects. See how to determine what to include in the video or animation, and what additional steps are required in the project beyond typical documentation. You will also learn how to integrate the animation or video into the documentation library, corporate websites, and social media.


Upside Down, Inside Out, and Other Acrobatics for Organizing Your Content

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 30 July 2013

Upside Down, Inside Out, and Other Acrobatics for Organizing Your Content builds on the earlier webinar, Patterns for Organizing Content—Many More than A to Z, which introduced more than 15 patterns for organizing content. We will examine some of these patterns in depth and uncover ways to use them when organizing technical and other publications. In addition, we’ll look at mind maps, card sorts, and others tools for organizing content into readable, usable shapes. Attendance at the earlier webinar is not a prerequisite.