Upside Down, Inside Out, and Other Acrobatics for Organizing Your Content

Judith Shenouda, originally presented 30 July 2013

Upside Down, Inside Out, and Other Acrobatics for Organizing Your Content builds on the earlier webinar, Patterns for Organizing Content—Many More than A to Z, which introduced more than 15 patterns for organizing content. We will examine some of these patterns in depth and uncover ways to use them when organizing technical and other publications. In addition, we’ll look at mind maps, card sorts, and others tools for organizing content into readable, usable shapes. Attendance at the earlier webinar is not a prerequisite.


Using YouTube Videos to Enhance “Traditional” Documentation

Fer O'Neil and Ben Johnson, originally presented 11 December 2012

The way users consume information is becoming increasingly visual. Technical communicators can address this need and increase user satisfaction by creating video tutorials. Ben and Fer will present some best practices at HP and ESET for choosing topics, creating, sharing, promoting, and measuring the success of video tutorials in YouTube.

Coming soon.

Understanding Web Technologies

Alan Houser, originally presented 25 September 2012

With the rapid adoption of HTML5, CSS3, and the proliferation of mobile devices, we're in the midst of the largest Web revolution since the 1990s. Learn how and why these new Web technologies came to fruition, and how these new technologies are transforming the delivery of TC and other content.


Using Graphics in Real-World Tech Comm

Sean Brierley, originally presented 1 August 2012

This webinar discusses screen captures, photographs, images borrowed from the Web, illustrations, and logos as graphics. Discussion will include which formats are better for which deliverable and why. Topics for discussion include raster images, vector images, RGB and CMYK color, and resolution. Methods for downsampling images and considerations for online use will also be discussed, along with thoughts on using graphics in single-sourcing environments. Furthermore, the presenter will discuss software used to create and edit graphics, including Techsmith SnagIt, Techsmith Jing, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker, and Microsoft Office.


Using Lessons Learned to Improve Effectiveness and Client Relations

Vic Passion, originally presented 6 June 2012

For the last year, you’ve been working on a large project, creating materials to support your company’s new enterprise software package. You’ve piloted the materials, gathered feedback from users, and finalized the content, which is effective and well received. You and the team are proud of your efforts and ready—no, eager—to move on to a fresh new project.