Video Webinar Series Recordings Bundle, originally presented July-August 2015

4-Part Video Webinar Series Recordings in a Bundle! 

STC is offering its most popular 2015 Video recorded webinar series, bundled together! Learn more about getting started with video tutorials, audio for video: scripts and voiceover, screen capture tools: choosing the best solutions for your needs, and distributing training and help videos. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!


Visual Persuasion in the Digital Age

Edward Schiappa, John E. Burchard Professor of Humanities, MIT, originally presented 8 July 2015

In today's digital era, visual communication is king. We are constantly bombarded by visual stimuli that we decode rapidly and often without conscious thought. Did you know that words and images are actually processed in different parts of your brain? Are you the master of the visual messages that you are sending personally, professionally, and on behalf of your organization? This webinar will introduce you to key concepts that you need to know to present yourself effectively through visual media.


Visualizing Documents With Scalable Vector Graphics

David Gardiner, originally presented 29 July 2014

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is part of HTML5 and has considerable potential for producing hyperlinked infographics for online help. This webinar shows how SVG can be the basis for new online documentation interfaces that integrate with topic-based help and improve the user experience. Learn how SVG as an enabling technology can be the basis for visual-first interfaces that improve accessibility of technical documents.