Your At-Home Office—Organization Rules!

Judith E. Shenouda, Owner, Shenouda Associates Inc., originally presented 30 September 2015

When it comes to working smart, having an organized at-home office is key. Whether you work at home on a full-time basis or part of the time, or primarily work outside of the home but also have an at-home enterprise, you can make your at-home office one that is well-suited to the task at hand. In this webinar, we will explore how paper, people, products, and processes can be managed when organization rules.


Your Country Needs You! Communicators in the US Government

David L. Caruso, Sr. Health Communication Specialist, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, originally presented 16 September 2015

Skilled communication professionals are in high demand within the US Government. Have you considered working in this field before? If so, then join us for this webinar where real position descriptions and job postings will be decoded along with insider tips on how you can build a resume that will help get you an interview. With more than 12 years of Federal service, David will offer insights of what core communication skills he has found most valuable and what he learned on-the-job. This presentation will also help the mid-career professional who may be looking to try something new or just add more value to their workplace.


Yes, Technical Communication Can Be Lifesaving Work!

Marlane J. Kayfes, Senior Technical Writer, Shea Writing & Training Solutions, originally presented 22 April 2015

Documentation and training are of paramount importance in potentially hazardous industrial environments. In this webinar, Marlane Kayfes will arm you with thought-provoking evidence that you can use to help shift your clients’ approach to embrace documentation and training in a more effective light that could save lives. To accomplish this, she will highlight two case studies and demonstrate how those companies used audience-focused approaches and techniques with lifesaving success.