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Doc Sprints: The Ultimate in Collaborative Doc Development

Sarah Maddox, originally presented 20 June 2013

Many technical writers find themselves in agile environments, where time is at a premium and it can be difficult to pry the developers and other subject matter experts away from their day-to-day deadlines. This session shows how you can walk the agile walk, talk the agile talk, and at the same time have fun developing the tutorials and documents your customers need.


Social Documentation and the Future of Technical Publications

Michael Lykhinin, originally presented 6 June 2013

Technical communication may be on the brink of a cultural shift from one-sided, didactic, expert-driven user documentation to utilizing user-generated content, collaborative communication, and the power of communities. Documentation teams can now utilize Web 2.0 approaches to capture user-generated content using user communities, wikis, blogs, forums, and other social media and to capture user information using social platforms APIs. To execute a successful social documentation strategy, documentation teams need to learn to architect and foster user communities and then to incorporate user-generated content into their workflows.


Developing a Freelancer's Portfolio

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter, originally presented 4 June 2013

Today’s electronic age means that we aren't limited to freelancing only for local clients, so today’s portfolio has to be more flexible and go beyond faxing or mailing a couple of published projects to being visible online. This session will look at ways to develop your portfolio to create opportunities to present your work to prospective clients both local and far afield.


Single-Source Publish to Paper, PDF, and HTML5

Maxwell Hoffmann, originally presented 30 May 2013

Many of us have had our deliverable increase dramatically. We must make versions of our tech doc that goes beyond paper and the Web to a multitude of mobile devices, including the "tablet du jour." This session will be mostly "live examples" of how a Word document can transit into FrameMaker, become marked up for multiple versions and deliverables, and after publishing to dynamic PDF (with intelligent graphics), be published via Tech Comm Suite and RoboHelp to multiscreen HTML5 for device aware display on a variety of tablets. Best practices will be discussed, as well as team member roles. The main takeaway is that you can publish to HTML5 without knowing anything about HTML5 via Tech Comm Suite.


Once Upon a Statistic: How to Tell a Compelling Story When All You Have are Facts

Joe Staples, originally presented 29 May 2013

Storytelling is the buzzword du jour in marketing communications (marcomm). It’s one thing to tell a great story if you have a huge budget, a creative team, and many media in which to work. But what does it mean to tell a story when you’re just writing a marketing slick or a data sheet and all you have are facts, such as “speeds and feeds”? This webinar will examine the tell-a-story directive and explore ways to apply elements of story to our work as marcomm writers.


Think More, Write Less

Andrea Ames, originally presented 16 May 2013

Are you plodding along, doing the “same old thing” in your documentation? When was the last time you thought about your customers and how effective your current documentation solution is for them? We all—even the veterans—get stuck in the rut of doing what we’ve always done, having no time to think. Get unstuck: Think more, write less!


Content Management Using Open Source Tool, Alfresco

Bindu Nayar and Bhavana Mohanraj, originally presented 14 May 2013

Through this webinar the presenters will introduce Alfresco, which is an open-source content management system, and see how it simplifies some of the content management issues that technical communicators face.


Managing Your Documentation Projects with SharePoint

David Dick, originally presented 10 April 2013

Have you ever asked, “I am a team of one, what can I do to more productive and efficient?” Even as a team of one, there’s a lot you can do with SharePoint to be more productive and efficient. That’s right, SharePointand you thought it was only a documentation repository. SharePoint can help you track tasks and due dates, track the assignment of documents for peer review, and track approvals, to name just a few things. This webinar assumes you have fundamental knowledge of SharePoint and a curiosity to make better use of it.


Writing Across Genres: The Formulas and Technicalities of Writing Outside the Box

Lynn Nickels, originally presented 9 April 2013

Learn how to use the Concept Chunking Super Template (CCST) to write across genres and write outside the box you’ve been writing in. This tool will show you how to see the commonalities between different styles of writing, allowing you to have the confidence to write outside your comfort zone!


Is There a Perfect CMS?

Rhyne Armstrong, originally presented 4 April 2013

In this webinar, we will walk through the process of evaluating a CMS, discuss the value of Open Source, and compare several of the most popular and most well-reviewed systems available today.


Social Media and Tech Pubs

Sharon Burton, originally presented 2 April 2013

For years, we’ve wanted to find out about our users—who are they? What are they like? Do they use our instructions? And, in this age of social media, do they talk about our instructions in social media? If so, how, why, and when? In late 2012, the presenter ran an opinion poll to find out what people do with post-sales content like product instructions, and social media. This webinar covers the results of that poll. After the poll is over, you will receive a copy of the full poll results.


Content without Borders

Ray Gallon, originally presented 26 March 2013

Technical communicators often need to break through silos in our organizations. But we also have our own silos, when it comes to contentfor example, most of us think what we do has nothing to do with marketing. But even without our necessarily thinking about it, the boundaries between different kinds of content, different "information types," and different content life cycles is becoming completely permeable.