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How to Write a Winning Project Proposal

Judith E. Shenouda, Owner, Shenouda Associates Inc., originally presented 7 January 2015

Project proposals serve as our written communication vehicle to decision-makers who give us work or send it elsewhere. What we say in writing and how we say it are critical. In this webinar, we will explore ways to make our project proposals win us work, time and again.


FREE STC Member-Only Webinar: Understanding Scrum Basics: Technical Writers and Agile

Rebecca Pope-Ruark, PhD, Elon University, originally presented 18 December 2014

This webinar is available only to STC members.

“I don’t want to do Scrum because I’ve heard that Agile is completely anti-documentation. Why would I jump at that?” Is your company thinking of going Agile or in the process of making that leap? Worried about your role in this new framework, especially if it’s anti-documentation as you might have heard? If you want to learn how technical writers can become integral members of development teams, join us for this webinar to learn the truth about the Agile mindset and most popular framework, Scrum. Discover just how empowering these environments can be for technical writers, documentation included.


Topic-Based Writing: An Unexpected Journey

Phoebe Forio, Verint Systems, Inc., originally presented 17 December 2014

Structured Authoring and Minimalism. Just what you need to get your content in shape and under control. But how do you get there from here? This webinar follows the adventures of one writer and her team of handpicked side-kicks as they planned and began their journey from the familiar, unstructured book formats of FrameMaker to the very unfamiliar world of topic-based writing, DITA, and XML. Attend this webinar to find out how creative problem-solving can help you get past the technical, political, logistical, and even emotional challenges and obstacles you can encounter even on a well-planned journey.


Lean & Mean Translation Machine

Terena Bell, In Every Language, originally presented 10 December 2014

Apply Lean and Six Sigma to translation? Sure! Using real client case studies, Terena Bell of In Every Language shows how manufacturers and others can apply Lean and Six Sigma to web and document content, turning translation from a cost center into a profit driver.


If Your Content Could Talk...

Suzanne Mescan, Vasont Systems, originally presented 3 December 2014

If your content could talk, what would it say to you? The reality is that your content is talking to you all the time. If you learn to listen to your content, you will learn how to use it as a distinct advantage. Join this session to learn techniques for using your content to drive positive customer perceptions and boost sales for your organization.


Label Editing: Great Things in Small Packages

Leah Guren, Cow TC, originally presented 25 November 2014

What do you, as a TC, need to know about the text that appears on your products? Learn how you can you use your skills to help improve the product UX.


A New Approach to Resume Writing to Beat HR Robots

Pamela Paterson, Bestselling Author, "Get the Job: Optimize Your Resume for the Online Job Search", originally presented 19 November 2014

Do you know how to beat the HR robot and get your resume noticed by a human being? If you apply for jobs online, you need to know how to beat Applicant Tracking Systems with an online resume and effective personal branding. In this highly informative webinar with bestselling author Pamela Paterson, you will learn how to get your resume in top shape so that it stands out amongst the crowd.


Building a Business-Driven Globalization Strategy for Content

Alan Porter, originally presented 12 November 2014

Developing a content strategy for a major corporation that has over 300 products is challenging enough, but when you add in the need to support customers and dealers in over 180 countries around the world it takes it to a whole new level. How do you decide where to focus your translation and globalization investments to get the best customer experience?


The E-book Explosion: Why the Publishing Industry Needs Technical Communicators

Toni Byrd-Ressaire, originally presented 5 November 2014

What does publishing have to do with technical communicators? Technological advances in all fields are blurring the lines of traditional roles. Technical communicators now have opportunities to expand their services by taking on emerging roles in publishing. In doing so, technical communicators are equipped with a coveted set of transferable, core skills.


Tips for Technical Illustrations

Tricia Spayer, originally presented 21 October 2014

Interested in improving your own technical illustrations? Join this webinar to increase your confidence in your own technical illustration abilities, improve your processes, and become more professional in your illustrations.


508 Compliance: Creating Accessible Online Learning

Anita Horsley, originally presented 8 October 2014

Nearly 1 in 5 people, approximately 56 million, in the U.S. have some sort of disability, reported by the Census Bureau. Developing accessible online courses is important because not only is it the right thing to do to reach more learners; but it can also be a legal requirement. In the US, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 requires that government and educational organizations make online learning accessible (including eLearning).


FREE STC Member-Only Webinar: Discover Liberty Mutual Features

Trevor Waling, originally presented 1 October 2014

This webinar is available only to STC members.

Join Trevor Waling as he discusses all the features of STC's newest benefit company, Liberty Mutual Insurance and how it can benefit you and your business. You'll come away with a complete understanding of how the program works and little known insurance facts. There will also be time for Q&A following the presentation, so bring your questions and discover all there is to know about Liberty Mutual Insurance.