Bulletproofing Your Career Online

Ben Woelk and Hannah Morgan


What are the 10 key steps to building and securing your online reputation? A security professional and a career sherpa provide their perspectives on how to create an online presence that enhances and promotes your career safely and effectively. Participants will learn:

  • The best way to secure your personal information online and the importance of key words
  • Why it is important to stay current on upgrades to software and career trends.
  • Why a technical firewall is good but a personal firewall is not
  • How establishing trust online can set you apart and protect you
  • What information is and is not appropriate to share on social networks
  • Why carefully selecting messaging online is not just a matter of safety but also managing your personal reputation.
  • The importance of choosing your online friends thoughtfully
  • Why Google is one of the best tools for monitoring your online identity.
  • The dangers of providing too much personal information online.
  • How to think differently about security in the 21st century.

Understand the keys for successfully managing your reputation and advancing your career using social media and networking. Attendees will learn tools and techniques to protect their identities while leveraging social media and managing a strong brand presence online.

Presenter Biography

Ben Woelk is policy and awareness analyst for the RIT Information Security Office. He is responsible
for security awareness communications, training programs, and policy development. Projects have included development of a series of Digital Self Defense classes designed to increase security awareness, familiarize users with desktop security software, and train RIT users on proper information handling processes. He has authored a number of articles on information security for nontechnical users and is adjunct faculty at RIT in professional and technical communication, and in networking, security, and systems administration.

Hannah Morgan conveys no-nonsense advice on job search, reputatation management, and social networking strategies on her blog, Career Sherpa, and is a featured blogger on other nationally recognized sites. Her expertise and insight comes from 10+ years guiding dislocated workers from a broad range of industries and occupations. As a career consultant, Hannah draws upon her experience in human resources, outplacement services, and workforce development to guide those new to job search through the process and towards their goals. Visit her site to learn more, www.careersherpa.net. Hannah was recognized by Monster.com as one of the top 11 job search bloggers to watch in 2011.