Content Strategy: Changing the Face of a City

Rahel Anne Bailie


How did a team of content strategists rework a 60,000-page municipal website to bring it down to a fraction of the size while increasing its effectiveness? The presenter discusses the framework for the project, and the processes and tensions that drove the project to a successful launch.

Learn ways to phase a project to increase the odds for success, understand the content strategy framework and key decision points that affect project outcomes, and learn how to integrate content strategy into a Web redesign project, both instructional and persuasive content. Managers and content practitioners who want to learn about the strategic side of content can learn from the experiences of the presenter and apply that knowledge to their own work.

Presenter Biography

Rahel Anne Bailie is the senior content strategist with the City of Vancouver, where she applies her skill set that encompasses content management, business analysis, information architecture, and communications to redevelopment of the city's public-facing website. Her experience gives her an intimate understanding of end-to-end processes, from requirements-gathering to implementation. She is an STC Fellow and holds memberships in various associations to stay current in pertinent practice areas. She was recently cited as one of the top ten most influential content strategists.