Contract Work: Mindset, Market, & Money

Bonnie J. Davis


The market is good. The money is good. Are you good for contract work? If you value benefits such as autonomy, flexibility, and entrepreneurial expression, contract work may be just what you need.

From the contractor’s mindset to the money earned, this webinar gives you the lowdown on contract work from an award-winning technical communicator, Bonnie Davis, who has worked as a contractor for more than 20 years. Having worked as both a contractor and placing agent, Bonnie knows contract work inside and out.

Bonnie will discuss core considerations for contract work—the contractor’s mindset, the market for the services offered, and the money that contractors can earn. Whether you are new to contract work, seriously considering it, or just a bit curious, this should be an enlightening session. This webinar may provide the kick-start to a new direction for your career as a technical communicator.

This webinar will cover:

  • Contractor’s mindset
  • Market for services offered
  • Money that contractors can earn