Developing a Freelancer's Portfolio

Ruth E. Thaler-Carter


In the past, your portfolio was a notebook or binder holding copies of published works that you toted along to in-person interviews. Many freelance tech writers and editors do contract work onsite and can still use hard-copy portfolios, but today’s electronic age means that we aren't limited to freelancing only for local clients. We often need—or want—to present our work to prospective clients whom we cannot visit in person and for whom we will work electronically. Today’s portfolio has to be more flexible and go beyond faxing or mailing a couple of published projects to being visible online. This session will look at ways to develop your portfolio to create opportunities to present your work to prospective clients both local and far afield.

This webinar will cover ways to present your work and experience beyond the traditional hard-copy/in-person portfolio so you can be accessible and visible to prospective clients (and employers) around and outside the country, no matter where you or those clients may be located.