Does Your Career Need A Usability Evaluation?

Janel Anderson


Does your career path conform to the best practices of usability and design? Is your career flowing by design or by accident? For most of us, the answer is some of each. In this webinar, Janel Anderson weaves together usability best practices and principles of design with career planning and strategy. You will apply several design heuristics to your work experience, networking efforts, and overall career.

This webinar uses five of Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics to do a usability assessment of your career. Anderson will first explain each of the heuristics and show their application to print and online documentation and products. She will then apply the same heuristics to career development and career change. The webinar will examine how you tell the story of your career, how you document your career on your resume and LinkedIn, and how you represent yourself as a personal brand.

In this engaging talk, career coach and public speaker Janel Anderson will share stories of her own career while she explains and applies heuristics such as

  • match between the real world and your career
  • visibility of your system/career status
  • flexibility and efficiency of use
  • recognition rather than recall
  • help and documentation

Attendees will come away with new insights on their career to date and concrete action steps for creating a forward-thinking career design for the next decade and beyond.