Every Page is Page One

Mark Baker


Users don’t read documentation like a novel. They dive into the middle of the content looking for something specific. In the age of the Web, users have far more content to choose from and spend less time evaluating each page they look at, on or off the Web. It is an environment in which every page is page one. This makes a profound difference to how people read and navigate information and requires a significant change in how we write and organize content—a change that can be summed up as Every Page is Page One.

This webinar will introduce the Every Page is Page One (EPPO) information design pattern and outline the basic qualities of a good EPPO topic:

  • EPPO topics are self-contained.
  • EPPO topics have a specific and limited purpose
  • EPPO topics conform to a type
  • EPPO topics establish their context
  • EPPO topics assume the reader is qualified
  • EPPO topics stay on one level
  • EPPO topics link richly

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What the science of information foraging reveals about how users really search for information
  • How being constantly online changes how users read all information, even offline
  • How to create topics that work as page one for the reader, no matter how they reach your content
  • The seven key attributes of a successful Every Page is Page One topic.
  • How bottom-up organization improves findability and navigation