Ruth E. Thaler-Carter


As employers and managers have to do more with less money and fewer people, the opportunities are ripe for technical communicators who yearn to escape the corporate environment and launch their own businesses, while the challenging economy and corporate cutbacks mean that more tech writers and editors want or need to strike out on their own. Doing so is not easy, though. Both new and seasoned freelancers or solopreneurs face challenges.

In this session, long-time, successful freelance writer/editor Ruth E. Thaler-Carter shares what it takes to start out and succeed as a solopreneur—important personality traits, business basics, being a generalist vs. specialist, finding and keeping clients, services to offer, setting fees, getting paid, coping with isolation, tools and technology, the value of networking, ways to find clients and projects, resources to help you manage your freelance life more effectively, and more. Get an overview of what it takes to succeed as a freelance tech writer/editor.