Goodbye, Arial and Verdana. Hello, Web Fonts!

Michael Opsteegh


Web fonts and the @font-face rule are relatively recent innovations in Web technology, with few printed books on the subject. The adoption of the @font-face method and a growing number of vendors, like Google and TypeKit, that offer Web fonts makes this a timely topic on a technology that is rapidly gaining momentum. After taking this webinar, you'll understand the different implementations of fonts on the Web that have lead to the current web fonts technologies, know how CSS3 can help you control how your text is displayed, and know how to use @font-face and where to find Web font resources. Improve the readability and legibility in your websites and online help with Web fonts.

Presenter Biography

Michael Opsteegh has been a technical writer in the software and financial services industries for seven years and is currently a senior technical writer for Eyefinity, which supports eyecare professionals with industry-leading software and services. He holds a masters degree in English, rhetoric, and composition and a certificate in technical and professional writing from California State University, Long Beach. He has written articles on comics and typography in technical communication that have appeared in STC's Intercom. Michael occasionally blogs on the topics of typography and page design at