Improving the User Experience through Progressive Information Disclosure

Andrea Ames


Do you often feel like there's more to developing technical product content than user guides, reference manuals, and contextual help? Do you sometimes find that your information deliverables are discontinuous or that the content is redundant between them? Would you like to have more impact on your business and the overall user experience of your product through your content? If so, join Andrea Ames as she presents the human factors concept of "progressive disclosure" and applies it to the architecture and design of information.

Andrea will discuss how to approach your information architecture and design from the user's goals and the tasks that she needs to perform—revealing just the information the user needs, just when she needs it—so that you can positively affect the design of the product and improve the user experience. She'll also describe the team interaction considerations necessary to make the approach successful in a real, team-oriented, cross-functional, product-development environment.