Making Sense of It All: Analyzing Qualitative Data

George Hayhoe and James Conklin


Qualitative methodologies are becoming increasingly important in our discipline. Because they are based on techniques that technical communicators commonly use, everyone in the profession finds these methods familiar and understandable. This webinar will draw on that familiarity and comprehension to show practitioners how to analyze and interpret the data collected from interviews, focus groups, open-ended questionnaires, and communication artifacts.

The webinar is based on simple, proven methods that produce meaningful results that can be used to inform decisions about product design and delivery. First, the presenters will review examples of qualitative methods and data. Then, they will explain how to organize data for analysis. Finally, they will describe content analysis, a technique for analyzing and interpreting the data. Learn the types of data that result from qualitative research in technical communication, a method for analyzing and interpreting that data, and techniques and tips for reporting the results of qualitative research.