Simplified Technical English

Berry Braster


Clear and consistent communication can help you save costs and improve your customer experience.

Simplified Technical English (STE) is a method of writing that makes technical English easy to understand. The adaptation of STE stimulates the (global) acceptance of technical documentation as it improves readability and translatability, and prevents misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

During this webinar, content quality advocate Berry Braster of Tedopres will explain the benefits of STE using case studies, and show how overall cost, time to market, and content volume will be reduced and how you can save considerably on translations: up to 40 percent per language!

Presenter Biography

Berry Braster is the director of Tedopres’s North American operations, which is based in Austin, TX. Berry, fluent in four languages, holds a BA in international marketing & business management from the University of Amsterdam. Berry has a background in quality assurance and regulatory affairs and has assisted many organizations with their global strategy for product and manual compliance. He has been with Tedopres for 10 years, during which he has managed the implementation of Tedopres's controlled language solution HyperSTE and translation cost savings with companies in various industries.