Small Steps to Content Strategy

Neil Perlin


Are you thinking about implementing a content strategy but not sure how to define it? Concerned about switching to new and unfamiliar (and possibly expensive) authoring tools? Worried about workflow changes and operational disruption? Staff turnover?

This webinar looks at small steps that you can take to get started with a content strategy before spending money on new tools or adopting new methodologies. The idea is to understand some basics about your company that will help you decide on a strategy. We’ll look at three big areas—determining your company’s strategic and technical direction, pinning down your operational standards or lack thereof, and the business and cultural context in which any content strategy has to be defined.

Presenter Biography

Neil Perlin has 33 years of experience in technical communication, with 27 in training, consulting, and development for various types of online formats and tools including WinHelp, HTML Help, CE Help, JavaHelp, RoboHelp, ForeHelp, Flare, and many now known only in legend. Much of that work involved assisting companies determine their tool and methodology needs and integrate their new tools and methodologies into their culture; that experience provides the basis for this presentation.

Neil is a columnist and frequent speaker for the STC and other professional groups, a member of the STC’s Boston chapter, the creator and manager of the Beyond the Bleeding Edge stem at the STC’s annual conference, and an STC Fellow.

Neil is Madcap Certified for Flare and Mimic, Adobe Certified for RoboHelp, and Viziapps Certified for Viziapps. He provides training, consulting, and development for online help and documentation, Flare, RoboHelp, Mimic, Captivate, XML, single sourcing, structured authoring, and mobile through Hyper/Word Services of Tewksbury, MA. He can be reached at,