Tales of Terror: Avoiding Project Disasters

Leah Guren


New to the field or tackling a new challenge? Learn to avoid the classic blunders that technical communicators face—based on true project disasters. The presenter will show you how to identify classic project pitfalls, demonstrate three tactics for proactive planning, and provide techniques for salvaging projects in crisis. 

Whether you're a new technical communicator or established in your career, this is a fun and memorable webinar to learn to recognize and avoid classic pitfalls that face many novice (and even some very senior!) TCs. Benefit from the experiences of a longtime technical communicator and get a head start on developing savvy and a certain sixth sense in identifying potential project problems.

Presenter Biography

Leah Guren entered the field of technical communication in 1980. Her experience as a writer, editor, technical publications manager, and consultant has allowed her to develop a wide range of training programs in technical communication. Leah conducts courses for new and experienced technical communicators. Leah also trains SMEs who need to write technical documents, and works as a publications consultant for many of the top international high-tech companies in Israel, Europe, and North America.

Leah brings dry theory to life, illustrating rules with real-life examples and providing clear, practical guidelines that writers of all levels and experience can apply. Leah is a regular speaker at STC and other international technical communication conferences.