The Simple Truth About XML Adoption

Doug Gorman and Erin Freeburger


This one-hour webinar will tell you the Simple Truth about XML Adoption. Whether your structure is Information Mapping, DITA, another standard, or a custom schema, you can quickly and easily realize the benefits of XML.

You’ll learn how to achieve great benefits from moving your structured (and semi-structured) documentation to XML; easily implement single source and multi-channel publishing; and quickly generate valid XML directly from Microsoft Word without any hard-to-use XML editors. Finally, you’ll learn how to leverage your existing policies and procedures (documentation, training manuals, product sell sheets, marketing materials, and compliance documentation) and take advantage of XML based publishing systems.

Presenter Biography

Doug Gorman is CEO of Simply XML, LLC. He has 30 years of experience in the software and information industry and more than two decades of work in the structured writing industry with training, consulting, and software tools. He has worked with global organizations in 40 countries and every industry. He has a BA in psychology from Colby College and an MS in management from MIT.

Erin Freeburger is the principal, owner, and training and support executive of Simply XML. She has ten years of experience in training, content development, information design, and web development, and has designed and delivered both Web‐based training programs and instructor-led workshops. Freeburger has worked with clients in the government and private sector in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and information technology, and worked on large‐scale content strategy and information design initiatives for the U.S. government and Coca‐Cola.