Think More, Write Less

Andrea Ames


We all succumb to the grind now and then, creating the documentation that we’ve always created, for the reasons that we’ve always created it—because marketing told us to write a user guide, or because engineering said that we have to have a message reference and help for every UI screen. The ever-mounting pressure of doing more with less exacerbates the problem. Stop and take stock: When was the last time you were able to take a breath, much less take time to really think deeply about anything?

In this Web seminar, Andrea Ames will discuss how returning to our user advocacy roots and re-engaging our beginner’s mind—in other words, thinking more—can help reduce the pressure, improve our documentation quality, engage our customers, and improve our value to our employers and clients. Learn some strategies for thinking more, so you can write less.

This webinar will cover:

  • The “think more, write less” (TMWL) approach, and why professional technical communicators should care
  • How to apply TMWL to achieve higher-quality documentation and a better information experience
  • How TMWL ensures career longevity
  • Objections you are likely to hear and how to counter them