Director (two-year term, eligible to run for another two-year term)

Every director represents all members of the Society and serves as a communication link between the board of directors and the members, communities, and any programs for which the director has been assigned. Directors are voting members of the board. Directors may be asked to travel to various STC communities and events to represent the Society.

Each candidate for director should have a history of successful leadership in STC or with another organization. Leadership can be in various areas of the Society such as local or Society-level communities and committees. Valuable assets for this position are proven leadership skills, knowledge of STC, ability to speak well in public, trouble-shooting skills, and tactfulness. Experience in one of the following areas is also helpful: governance, finance, or community advocacy.

Charles Fisher

Candidate for Director

Charles Fisher is an STC Fellow with more than 25 years of experience as a technical communicator. In his first job, he wrote documents explaining nuclear physics and how to safely dispose of nuclear waste. Throughout his career, he has worked as a writer, manager, and educator. He joined STC in the early 1990s. He feels that the conferences and leadership opportunities he’s experienced through STC have helped him advance in his career.

Makarand (Mak) Pandit

Candidate for Director

Makarand (Mak) Pandit is a successful technical communicator, instructional designer, project manager, and trainer, with more than 20 years of experience. A spiritually inclined person with commitment to the community, he is interested in learning and sharing knowledge.

Ray Gallon

Candidate for Director

A communicator for more than 40 years, Ray Gallon is the owner of Culturecom, a consultantancy specialised in business process improvement through communication, and a principal in The Transformation Society research group in Barcelona. He has more than 20 years' experience in the technical content industries, including major companies such as IBM, Alcatel, and General Electric Health Care. 

Ray is a sitting member of the STC Board of Directors and past president of STC France.