Director (two-year term, eligible to run for another two-year term)

Every director represents all members of the Society and serves as a communication link between the board of directors and the members, communities, and any programs for which the director has been assigned. Directors are voting members of the board. Directors may be asked to travel to various STC communities and events to represent the Society.

Each candidate for director should have a history of successful leadership in STC or with another organization. Leadership can be in various areas of the Society such as local or Society-level communities and committees. Valuable assets for this position are proven leadership skills, knowledge of STC, ability to speak well in public, trouble-shooting skills, and tactfulness. Experience in one of the following areas is also helpful: governance, finance, or community advocacy.

Cindy Pao

Candidate for Director

Cindy Pao is a senior-level technical communicator with experience writing, designing, editing, and producing online help systems, user guides, job aids, safety alerts, release notes, policies, and procedures, and intranet websites.

Cindy has been involved in STC since 2000, when she volunteered to help the Houston chapter. Since then, Cindy has served in almost every leadership role, from President and Co-Manager to Administrative Council member and committee Chair.

Craig Baehr

Candidate for Director

Craig Baehr, Ph.D., is an STC Associate Fellow and Professor of Technical Communication and Rhetoric at Texas Tech University. He is Program Director of the STC Academic SIG, Co-Chair of the Technical Communication Body of Knowledge (TCBOK) project, and Faculty Sponsor for the STC Texas Tech University Student Chapter. He is author of Web Development: A Visual-Spatial Approach and Writing for the Internet: A Guide to Real Communication in Virtual Space. He has published articles and chapters on a wide range of topics, including instructional design, content strategy, hypertext theory, online publishing, and visual communication.

Kirk St.Amant

Candidate for Director

Kirsty Taylor

Candidate for Director

Kirsty is a senior manager of documentation for ABB Enterprise Software product group, and is based in Brisbane, Australia. She is also responsible for product and content localizations globally for the ABB enterprise software products, which means she is used to juggling international time zones and advocating for thinking and being global, rather than only local.

Lisa Pietrangeli

Candidate for Director

Lisa Pietrangeli is a Managing Partner at ThirtySix Software. She specializes in working with customers to develop customized content development strategies. Lisa excels at thinking strategically as well as seeing a plan through to completion.

Lisa has been a member of STC for over a decade. On the Society level, Lisa has provided presentations, workshops, and progression sessions at the STC Summit since 2010. Lisa has also provided educational webinars for STC and has taught certificate courses for the past 3 years. She has provided live programs and webinars to many STC chapters. As a business owner, Lisa’s company has participated in Summit and Spectrum as a sponsor since 2010.