Secretary (two-year term)

The Secretary serves as both a director and an officer of the board. The Secretary may run for a second consecutive term of office, but may have an opponent in each election. The duties for this position include familiarity with managing a budget, attending monthly calls or meetings, and preparing minutes, agendas and other documents for monthly deadlines in advance of each meeting or conference call.

Candidates for Secretary should have some business experience, along with excellent organizational skills and the ability to follow discussion and record relevant details for the minutes.

In addition, candidates must have sufficient time to devote to the position. Experience in one of the following areas is also helpful: community secretary, or Secretary for another not-for-profit organization.

Jackie Damrau

Candidate for Secretary

Jackie Damrau is based in Plano, Texas, and is a Business Process Management Analyst with a global commercial real estate company. Dr. Damrau holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from California Coast University, and an Advanced Professional Certificate in Business Process Management from the University of San Francisco. Jackie hold certifications as an ARIS Business Architect/Designer Professional (Software AG); BPMN Professional (; and Information Organization & Access Practitioner (AIIM). Jackie has worked in the fields of law, government research and development, mathematics, engineering (environmental and semiconductor), business consulting services, telecommunications, and global commercial real estate. She has developed and delivered online learning, instructor-led courses, and workshops on business process modeling, technical writing, and business leadership.

Kirsty Taylor

Candidate for Secretary

Kirsty Taylor is Senior Manager – Documentation and Localisation with ABB Group and is based in Brisbane, Australia. Kirsty holds a post-graduate Diploma of Arts in Writing, Editing, and Publishing from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Business Germans from the University of Queensland. She is a Certified Localization Project Manager (CLPM – The Localization Institute). Kirsty has been in the technical communication field for more than 15 years. Kirsty has spent her career in software content development for international audiences, including designing, developing, and editing internal and external training courses, online help, user guides, as well as developing, supporting, and leading a team of technical writers world-wide.