Alyssa Fox

Candidate for Secretary

Alyssa Fox is director of information development and program management at NetIQ Corporation in Houston, Texas. She has been involved in technical communication for more than 15 years. As an information development director, she works to build cohesive teams that deliver products relevant to users. Throughout her career, Alyssa has promoted the importance of the technical communication profession and educated others about expanding their roles to provide more value in their organizations. Alyssa is a senior member of Society for Technical Communication (STC) and is currently serving as the STC Secretary. She has also served STC on the Intercom advisory panel, as Program Chair of the 2012 STC Summit, and in various administrative roles in STC Houston. Alyssa has presented at several STC Summits, PMI Houston conferences, and STC Houston and India meetings, and has won awards in the local STC competition.

Candidate Statement 

Promoting technical communication and providing outstanding education resources helps STC members deliver high value in their organizations and move into a variety of disciplines. It’s exciting to watch people with technical communication skills grow into new fields like content strategy, mobile content development, and user experience.

STC is going in new directions, and I want to continue to be part of the leadership of this transforming organization. My time on the board the last couple of years has opened my eyes to the swath of diversity we have in our membership, and I enjoy the challenge of working to serve the profession and the wide variety of professionals.