Bernard Aschwanden

Candidate for Vice President

Bernard is asking for your vote to be the Society for Technical Communication’s Vice President. He hopes to extend his volunteerism with the STC and continue to serve the members by working on the Board of Directors in a new role, building on what he has learned as a Director.

An Associate Fellow of STC, he shows foresight and leadership. He built a management team to keep Toronto STC strong and deliver membership value. His innovations led the community to a Pacesetter Award. He is a professional presenter, delivering top-rated sessions at events such as STC Summit. For almost 20 years he has represented communities in discussions regarding governance, in educational presentations, and in many roles as a senior STC member. It is a logical extension of his services that he be elected to represent your needs to the Board as Vice President.

Bernard helps community leaders by promoting long-term sustainability and strong communities with solid partnerships. He understands how stakeholders, plans, budgets, and unforeseen circumstances can impact a community and helps leaders formulate plans to manage each of these components. He provides educational events to communities to help raise funds, delivers workshops online, and travels to communities to meet leaders and learn about their local needs.

Bernard is a small business owner and responsible to both clients and staff. This means he sets realistic expectations and ensures his business is fiscally well run. Growing a business, managing projects, and working on the STC Board require similar skills. Bernard’s business survived one of the toughest economic downturns in recent history and continues to grow. In part, it is because he can adapt quickly to change and is willing to ask for ideas from many sources to find solutions.

Bernard has worked as a trainer, courseware developer, writer, team lead, manager, and business owner. His extensive travel and work with thousands of people across North America, Europe, and Asia gave him the chance to see the benefits STC membership brings to technical communicators. As a professional consultant, he implements technical writing solutions for teams and projects from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. This broad exposure to different cultures, policies, and processes has taught Bernard a great deal about technical communications and the people in this field.

The STC needs dependable, stable leadership to continue to rebuild our community; it needs leadership with a vision for the future and the ability to develop a Society that is strong, financially responsible, and stable. STC needs people who ask intelligent questions, talk to communities, explain why requests cannot be met, or deliver what community leaders need to grow. It needs strong leaders who listen and make the right decisions.

He knows the value of STC membership, is passionate about the organization, and looks forward to your support. His vision is an STC community that is strong and well positioned to meet the growing needs of technical communicators. To that end, please vote and help to elect Bernard Aschwanden as your next Vice President.

Candidate Statement

Whether I am chairing a business meeting or working as a professor in a technical communications college program, leadership matters. As an effective leader, I work co-operatively to find answers, and step up when decisive action is needed. Knowing when to listen, to speak, or to act is an important balance I've learned to maintain.

Leaders must partner with a broad range of people and businesses. For years my guidance has helped communities operate in a fiscally responsible way, delivering member value through long-term planning. As a small business owner, I promote technical communicators as the right people to identify and solve problems, and demonstrate the value we provide. STC needs stability and growth, and must provide competencies and skills needed by members for prosperous careers. My vision is an energized membership base, expanded revenue stream, and an enhanced return on the investment members make when joining our Society.