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TOPIC: From the NomComm: Strategic planning

From the NomComm: Strategic planning 10 months 3 weeks ago #114

STC’s board members must think strategically about the Society’s future goals and objectives, while maintaining fiscal viability in a changing landscape. What experiences have prepared you for the strategic planning and fiscal oversight required of a board member?

Mak Pandit

I am managing a company for more than 19 years. It has multiple divisions and now even has many sister concerns. Financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, auditing, are essential part of my day-to-day job.

I have been an STC member for more than 15 years now. I have worked my way up right from forming a chapter. I have served STC India and STC (global) in many volunteer positions. I am aware of the problems at the volunteer level as well as at the board level of an organization.

I have excellent goodwill established with many key volunteers and leaders at STC board as well as chapter levels. I have first-hand experience of managing events, leading teams, and doing work at the ground level. I am aware of STC Bylaws and also legal and taxation system in India (and USA to some extent). I am eager to contibute to STC even more in the coming years.

Ray Gallon

My work often gives me a very high level of responsibility related to product design, I am involved in strategic thinking every day. Wrong moves could be very costly. I must consult constantly with product managers, developers, interaction designers, marketers, even the CEO. I need to have both vision and sensitivity to consensus, to know when to yield and when to stand firm.

This combination of strong vision with consensus building is what I have brought to the STC board.

I am passionate about new trends in technical communication, such as content strategy, and as a board member I work to help us stretch into new worlds, new opportunities and new ways of serving our members with a solid value proposition. The last 2 years have presented many challenges, as we try to innovate with diminishing resources. So far, we have maintained an even course.

In the past, I successfully managed a budget of $1 million annually, in a very publicly scrutinized environment (public radio).

Charles Fisher

I feel that my recent experience as a commissioner for the STC Certification Commission has prepared me well for serving on the STC board. The governance structure of the commission is similar to that of the STC board, and both boards share many of the same challenges in terms of planning and oversight.

In addition, my experience as a manager of technical communicators has also been great experience for planning strategically while maintaining fiscal responsibility. In addition to managing the work assignments and professional development of staff, I also lead research efforts on new technologies and techniques that support the company’s strategic goals. Efforts to streamline the content development and delivery process while maintaining alignment with user needs, product architecture, and budget is a challenge that I’ve faced many times. In these situations, defining a clear goal is the key to success.
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