More Dues Information

As a member of STC, you agree to all terms outlined in the STC ByLaws.  
Email is the official communication method between STC and its members. Please pay particular attention to the section pertaining to your preferences. These can be changed at any point in the year. You will be prompted to check boxes indicating your preference to receive or not receive various types of information via email to your work, home, or other email addresses. Up to three email addresses may be stored in the member record. For example, you may wish to have the election ballot (required by Bylaws) sent to your work email, messages containing newsletters or general announcements to your home email, and emails from STC-related vendors to a third email address.
A body of knowledge defines a profession and separates it from being a trade. STC has made significant advances in outlining the fundamental knowledge of the profession through the continued development of the Technical Communicator Body of Knowledge (TCBOK). Not only will the STC TCBOK define your profession, but it will include tools, templates, and the ability for you to do your job better and help you be more successful.