Career Benefits

Whether you're studying technical communication, just starting out in your career, firmly entrenched, or moving toward retirement, STC has something to offer you at your career level. Read below for testimonials from STC members plus a look at how membership in the Society can benefit you, whatever your career level.


Samantha Gale“Being a member of STC has allowed me to meet practitioners who I would normally never interact with as a student. I have received invaluable feedback and instruction from the people I have met through STC, and I know that I have an entire network of people who support me and desire to watch me succeed.”
     —Samantha Gale, member since 2012



Jeff Haas"I’ve always thought of my service to STC as being in my enlightened self-interest, that by helping others in my profession I’m also helping myself. From providing me with networking opportunities to helping me build a business to keeping me employed for over 28 years, STC has given me much more than I could possibly give it, and my path has been smooth because of the generosity of other STC members."
—Jeff Haas, member since 1995

Early Career

Li-At Ruttenberg"Every job I’ve gotten since university, I’ve gotten directly through STC. And STC has helped me in so many other ways. Once, mind I needed to know the British usage for something. At the end of my work day in California, I emailed the question to the contact for the United Kingdom chapter. By the time I got to work the next morning, I had the answer! Being part of STC means I have direct access to some of the finest minds in our profession. And since they’re eager to share their knowledge, it means I can always learn and grow.
—Li-At Ruttenberg, member since 2000

Late Career/Retired

"Thomas MilliganSTC has been a great career investment for me. I never missed a day’s pay in my career, despite three layoffs—each time I was hired by a new company within the next week thanks to my STC networking. Membership in STC is also part of what helped me become vice president and part owner of a 300-person technical writing company. STC can be a good career investment for any technical communicator and my continued membership is a way to pay back for all that my career has given me." 
—Thomas Milligan, member since 1967