Samantha Gale“Being a member of STC has allowed me to meet practitioners who I would normally never interact with as a student. I have received invaluable feedback and instruction from the people I have met through STC, and I know that I have an entire network of people who support me and desire to watch me succeed.”
     —Samantha Gale, member since 2012


When you’re first learning about technical communication, STC can provide you with answers. What to study? Where to study? Where to specialize? And what do you do with this for the rest of your life? Get ready for the first step in your career with a Student Membership in STC.

An Introduction to Tech Comm

STC student members get one free student chapter, one free professional chapter, and one free special interest group as part of their membership. This helps you meet people your own age who are interested in technical communication, gives you an entry into your local tech comm community, and helps you evaluate potential career tracks in the field. Best of all, Student Membership has a special rate to help you get started.

You can also get introduced to a wide variety of tech comm topics with STC’s library of free archived seminars. These hour-long presentations (audio synched to PowerPoint presentations) offer a great introduction to a wide variety of topics. Find an area of interest and explore!

STC’s publications, Intercom and Technical Communication, also offer a great way to get introduced to different topics. Members receive free online subscriptions to both the monthly magazine and the quarterly journal.

Network, Network, Network

Many of our communities offer a formal or informal mentorship program. Even in those that don’t, you’ll find fellow members happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. They’ve been where you are and can offer thoughts, advice, and perspective.

Attend meetings with your chapters, participate in online discussions with your special interest group, and ask questions on MySTC. Use your fellow members as a resource for learning. You never know what you might be able to teach them as well!


Yes, there are volunteer opportunities even for student members! Our annual Technical Communication Summit has volunteer slots available for student members that can allow you to attend the conference for free. And your communities are happy to have all the volunteers they can get to help with websites, newsletters, publicity, and more. You’ll get experience in the field and make great connections.