International Summit Awards



General Information

STC offers competitions to evaluate professional technical communication

Each year, the Society for Technical Communication sponsors international competitions through which technical communicators have the opportunity to receive recognition for their work. STC chapters hold preliminary competitions from which Excellence and Distinguished Award winners advance to the international level. Each entry is judged against criteria that measure the degree of technical content, achievement of purpose, and technical execution whether online or in printed deliverable.

Competitions are open to technical communication professionals. You do not have to be a member of STC to participate. Review the STC ISA General Information and RulesClick here to submit your entry to the ISA Competition.

Competitions have two tiers:

  • Chapter or regional (community)
  • International (Society-wide)

Entries are submitted in the following four categories:

  • Informational Materials
  • Instructional Materials
  • Promotional Materials
  • User Support Materials

An entry must win an Award of Excellence or Distinguished Technical Communication at the chapter/regional level to qualify for submission to STC's International Summit Awards (ISA) competition. Many chapters hold professional competitions in the fall to conclude before the deadline to enter the ISA.

Interested in entering a chapter or regional competition? View the list of chapters holding competitions. Contact that organization for information to submit an entry.

Want to see the 2013 International Summit Award Results? View the full list of 2013 International Summit Award Winners.

For more information, contact:

Nathaniel Lim, STC Associate Fellow
General Manager, 2013–2014 STC International Competitions
phone: +1 (408) 830-8025

Lloyd Tucker, Director of Education & Meetings
Society For Technical Communication
phone: +1 (571) 366-1904

Chapters and submitters can send entries that qualify for the STC International Summit Awards Competition to:

STC International Summit Awards
c/o Elizabeth Bailey
3101 Gaylord Pkwy
Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 365-7340 

Entries must be received no later than 31 January 2014. No late entries will be accepted.

For information specific to submitting electronic entries, see STC ISA General Information and Rules. Each physical submission must include:

  • Four copies of each entry
  • Completed online entry submission form for each entry (with a printed copy of the completed entry submission form attached to each of the four copies)
  • Payment: Check(s) made payable to STC or online credit card payment. Nonrefundable fee per entry in US dollars only:
    • $75 members
    • $125 nonmembers
    • Add $15 per hard copy entry submission. Posters larger than 11x17" are exempt from the hard copy fee.
  • When paying by check, please mail a printed copy of the online entry submission form with the check to:

    Lloyd Tucker
    Society for Technical Communication
    9401 Lee Highway, Suite 300
    Fairfax, Virginia 22031


The following documents and forms are resources for competition managers, submitters, and judges.

International Summit Awards

Competition managers may customize these forms in Microsoft Word for chapter/regional use.

Chapter/Regional Competitions

2013 Chapter/Regional Competitions.

Award Winners

2013 Award Recipients. STC and the International Summit Awards committee recognize these STC International Summit Awards recipients for their achievement and contributions to the technical communication profession.

To be eligible for international consideration, entries must first receive an award of Excellence or Distinguished in a chapter or regional competition. Winning entries exemplify the talent, creativity, and understanding that is unique to those who successfully communicate technical, scientific, and business information.

Historical List of Past Winners

Award Winner Emblems

Winners of the STC International Summit Awards and chapter/regional-level awards of STC-sponsored competitions may freely duplicate the STC award emblems in resumes and company publications and on websites or copies of the winning publication.

For chapter/regional-level awards, winners may add the name of the chapter/region or competition as shown in the popup example.

We suggest including a tag line (or similar text) with the emblem, based on the following example:
 [Award Type] Winner of STC's International Summit Awards Competition, 2013

Best of Show Winner

For EPS format, please email to request the image file.

High Resolution Images (TIF format) 

Low Resolution Images (PNG format)

Volunteering to Judge

2012–13 ISA Judges. STC and the International Summit Awards committee recognize these judges and other volunteers for their contributions to the 2013 STC International Summit Awards. 

To be considered to judge in the ISA, you do not have to be a member of STC. However, judges must meet at least two of the following qualifications:  

  • STC Senior Member
  • 5+ years experience in technical communication or related field
  • Teaching experience in technical communication or related field
  • Master's degree or higher in technical communication or related field
  • CPTC or other certifcation by a related professional association, such as Project Management Profession (PMP) or Certified Performance Technologist (CPT)
  • Winning an STC or other communication competition award
  • 3+ years of experience in the competition category in which you would like to judge 

To submit an application to judge, complete the STC ISA Judge Application. Applications must be received by 14 January 2014.  

Traveling Exhibit of Award-Winning Entries

Your chapter may request a traveling exhibit of top winning entries to display at a chapter meeting, seminar, conference, or other event. Exhibits inspire attendees to enter competitions and provide examples of high-quality technical communications.

To request an exhibit, contact Lloyd Tucker.

Judging Exchange Service

Some chapters exchange entries with other chapters for judging. There are both advantages and challenges with this system. Weigh the factors as you decide whether to exchange entries. STC supports and encourages judging exchanges whenever they will improve the quality of judging or help avoid the appearance of conflict of interest.

If your chapter is interested in a judging exchange, we encourage you to contact chapters with which you currently have a relationship. If you need assistance with setting up an exchange, please email Lloyd Tucker at the STC office.