SBSTC jobs-search webinar on Nov 8

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SBSTC jobs-search webinar on Nov 8
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online and Santa Barbara, California, USA
From : Thursday, 08 November 2012 18:30
Until : Thursday, 08 November 2012 20:00
(UTC -08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
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"Seeding the Clouds - How to Make it Rain Even During a Dry Spell"

Join us online in-person or remotely as John Hedtke presents (remotely) 2 dozen ways you've likely not thought of to search for a job!

Presentation description:

Even in the best of times, it can be a challenge to find work. Technical communicators are occasionally at an added disadvantage of having to sell the value of our profession as well as ourselves as candidates, so anything we can do to give ourselves an edge is helpful. 

This presentation by international award-winning author John Hedtke is of great value both to people who are currently seeking jobs as well as those who are secure in their current positions. It will show you two dozen ways to find work as a technical communicator that you probably haven't even considered. There will be tips on common ideas such as updating your resume and creating a portfolio, but the presentation will rapidly expand to discuss ways in which you might create work for yourself and open up new work venues.

About the presenter:

John Hedtke is the award-winning author of 26 books. He has 30 years in the software business, close to 30 years writing, and 7 years in technical publications management. John has developed and written documentation and books for many leading software products, and has received 26 writing awards to date. A complete list of books, articles, projects, and awards can be found online at his website, 

John owns JVH Communications, a company that offers writing and business consulting services for a variety of private, public, and governmental clients. He is also Publisher for Double Tall Press, a private publishing company specializing in nonfiction books. John also does numerous radio and magazine interviews and frequently travels to do lectures and guest appearances at conferences and seminars. John was the last Region 7 Director on the Society for Technical Communication’s Board of Directors and is a Fellow of the Society. When not otherwise occupied, John writes magazine articles and sleeps late as much as possible. 

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