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Lisa Mileusnich
Hi Sarah,

Receipts depend on the size of the donation - if it's under a certain amount, you are not required to provide a receipt. I think the threshold is $250. Aiessa Moyna or Greg Larsen have more information, I'm sure.

Last year we had a treasurers' webinar about submitting financial reports to the Society and filing taxes. (Something is probably in the works for this year and we just haven't received an announcement yet.) The 2011 webinar is posted under the Leadership Resources section.

If your chapter has revenues less than $50,000, the tax process is very simple. You just have to fill out a quick online form. The deadline is in April, the same as for your own taxes.

I hope this helps!

Lisa Mileusnich
Northeast Ohio Chapter Treasurer
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 14:15